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Keeping things fresh and new is a challenge I enjoy.  I love to always have new ideas brewing and then bringing them to life is what it is all about.

I am Marty Freeman the owner of MGF Mudpies.  What started as a hobby developed into a full-fledge passion.  In retirement, I have discovered the love of clay!  Clay was my pastime and became my fulltime business. A perfect blend of creativity, solitude, and social interaction with clients at shows, festivals and events. After 13 years of playing in the Mud I have decided to stop all shows and festivals. My body took a bit of a beating from this pastime.  After several successful surgeries resulting in a pain free exsistence, I have decided to limit my production to personal use and my  fundraiser projects.  As a little girl I loved to make mudpies and set them out to dry, then invite friends over for pie and coke.  Now, I am blessed to make real "mudpies" and what a joy! 


I love to make things with amazing color and form, but something that is very functional.  I am a bit off centered and most of my creations are too!  I love altered and textured things. Sometimes a little crack in the right place can make a beautiful piece.  I like the unusual and rarely like to make the same thing more than a few times.  I am constantly looking for new ideas and designs.




  Clay is my obsession!


Glazing is my challenge!

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